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Alex R.

I wish I could give Sarah 10 stars! She came highly recommended to me by my wedding coordinator. After getting in contact with her we set up a hair and makeup trial at my home. I was blown away by her work and I immediately knew I was in good hands.
On my wedding day she did hair and makeup for my mom, bridesmaids, and myself. She was very professional as well as friendly. We all had so much fun getting ready and she really helped me ease the pre-wedding jitters. When I looked in the mirror and saw myself i felt  without a doubt the most beautiful I ever had. Her hair and makeup was everything i ever dreamed of. She is talented and detail oriented. You can tell how passionate she is about her work.
I can't tell you how many compliments I got from guests about my hair and makeup. My bridesmaids and my mom were thrilled with her work as well. If you need an artist for your wedding or event Sarah is your girl!


Kristin R.

Sarah was one of the hair and makeup artists recommended by my wedding venue and I'm so glad I chose her to do my wedding day hair and makeup! Sarah answered my initial call right away and was incredibly helpful in setting up a place to do my first hair trial, along with my mom, stepmom and MIL. When I started second guessing my hair style for the wedding, she accommodated me only a few weeks before the wedding to try something new. On the day of the wedding she and two assistants came to my hotel room to do hair and makeup for my entire bridal party. Sarah was on time...and finished us ahead of schedule, which is no easy task for making up 8 women on a strict wedding timeline. She made the start of my wedding day so stress free, which I appreciated so much. I loved her natural makeup look she did on me and I got so many compliments on my hair at the wedding. Everything stayed in place all night long. All the bridesmaids and moms looked amazing too and I love how Sarah wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable with their look and was willing to redo it If they didn't like it. Sarah is incredibly sweet, very professional and was such a dream to work with!


Danae H.

Sarah cut/highlighted my hair to get me summer ready. She did such a great job blending the blonde highlights; it looks really natural, fresh, and healthy! She used the perfect golden tone for my skin coloring too. She cut face framing layers in front and longer, razored layers in the back, just as I requested. I'm getting so many compliments on my new hair from co-workers and strangers alike, Sarah's got me feeling like a million bucks. Highly recommend you book Sarah to cut and/or color your hair!


Danielle P.

With ONE hour of day light to shoot in, I was a nervous wreck showing of to my head shot shoot! I thought there was no way we were going to get through hair and makeup with the limited time that we had. Sarah was AWESOME. I had texted her a picture ahead of time of the look I was going for, and she nailed it within 15 minutes! I loved what she did the first time around, with no added requests.  Although I had hired her for just make up, I wasn't getting the look I wanted with my hair, and she helped me and was able to get the exact look I wanted for my hairstyle, right on the spot'! After she did my make up and hair, she followed the photographer and I around the shoot, to all of our locations. She is a hustler! Anytime I needed any kind of touch up, she was right there fixing whatever I needed. The photographer loved her as well, because she made the photographers job easier by taking care of all the touch ups (hair, makeup, and wardrobe!). Not only does Sarah know her craft and is amazing at what she does, but she is truly such a joy to work with!  At a time where I was very stressed, she took care of everything, and brought an amazing attitude to the shoot! I'll never want to hire anyone else.

Wedding - Katy & Eamonn-162.jpg

Katy P.

Sarah did my makeup for my small beach ceremony, and then her team dolled up all my friends and me for the big party the next day! I typically don't like getting my makeup done so was really concerned about it looking natural -- but I can't even explain how much I loved what Sarah did! You know how celebrities look amazing but also like they aren't wearing any makeup? That's how I felt! On top of all that, Sarah and her team were so fun to have around as we got ready and just added to the great vibes all weekend. Thank you, Sarah! And to you all you future brides, she is amazing!!!


Maddie J.

My experience with Sarah was nothing short of spectacular. The research, planning, and execution of my hair styling was brilliantly carried out with a truly personalized touch because of her considerable attention to detail. A couple days before my appointment she requested pictures of my current hair and examples of my hair goals as well as a consultation over the phone. My main focus was to accentuate and feel comfortable in my natural color (dark blonde) while at the same time, still feeling brighter by adding lighter blonde to it. I wanted a seamless blend of light and dark blonde that looked natural. That is 100% what she accomplished! There are no bold divides, or lines in my hair AT ALL! What I mean by this is that you can’t distinguish where a shade of blonde starts/stops, it flows perfectly. She also detoxed my hair with “Malibu Hardwater” of things that were making it dull (such as unwanted brassiness from unfiltered water, chemicals, environmental effects etc.) Through out every step of your session, Sarah will narrate you through what she’s doing/using on you including the ingredients and expected results. She also gives recommendations on products to maintain/achieve your desired hair without making you feel pressured or tricked into spending money. Most importantly, Sarah has integrity in her work and will stop at nothing to give you what you asked for. After going home from my appointment I noticed a few small places in my hair were a little warmer than what I expected. She drove all the way back to the salon which is over 40 mins away from her home after the salon had already closed to retouch it because she knew I was from out of town and she didn’t want to send me back without being 100% in love with myself. If all this wasn’t enough, you should also go to Sarah because she is the sweetest lady you will ever meet. She is talkative and definitely someone you can sit in a chair for hours with! Thank you for everything, Sarah! I can’t wait for our next appointment!! :)


Bekka P.

Sarah was fantastic to work with!  She did beautiful make-up on me for a commercial shoot, without it looking heavy & "glamour shot-like" or plain Jane boring.  Just the right mix. She is a sweetheart to deal with.

Screenshot_2019-12-07 Taylor and Tex's W

Nyusha H.

Sarah was amazing. It was the first time i had ever gotten my hair and makeup done professionally and i was nervous on how it would turn out. I wish i had a wedding EVERYDAY so she could follow me around and make me look and feel beautiful. She had her hands full with 8 lovely ladies but her and Holly worked magic. Especially for the bride she had never been a makeup get hair done person and she looked beautiful and effortless. And most importantly she was comfortable and felt like a princess. Thank you so much. You are the life of the party and you made the day so much more special thank you

Screenshot_2019-12-07 Taylor and Tex's W

Megan R.

Had the best experience with Sarah at my best friend’s wedding! She did an incredible job with not only the bridal party’s makeup, but with the bride’s intricate updo she picked out and her makeup. Oh! And did I mention the super cute hair cut she gave the bride the night before? I’m so thankful we had someone there making us laugh throughout the morning while making us feel and look so pretty! Sarah is such a talented, sweet person with a great energy to her. You will not be disappointed.


Eden T.

Sarah is amazing!! Her and her team made my bridesmaids and I look and feel amazing:) We had 13 people needing hair and makeup on the day of my wedding and Sarah and her team made it look easy! I wanted a more natural look for my makeup, which is not always very easy, and she nailed it!
She was so wonderful, I'd hire her a million times over. Thank you again Sarah for helping my day be even more wonderful:)

How gorgeous is Emma’s hair_! We did som

Julie W.

Sarah out did herself again! Love her eye for color and texture! She talked me into some baby lights and I'm so glad she did! I love how she did a root smudge to help with the soft grow out since Ill be gone a lot this summer! Very knowledgeable, sweet and fun! Love the colors and super soft and natural looking! Perfect 10!


Lenore H.

Sarah has been making me presentable for national TV for years, and trust me that has not always been an easy task! I've shown up with big ole bruises, duffle bags under my eyes and nearly green with mysterious food poisoning. Somehow when this miracle worker of a woman is finished, I look like better than I ever thought I could look on my best days. She is an angel that can have me stumble into the studio feeling like roadkill and within a ridiculously short amount of time, I look better than I ever dreamed possible, all this while she puts a smile on my face. Bless you Sarah, I don't know what I'd do without you! (More accurately, the audience thanks you for protecting them!)


Lauryn D.

Any hair stylist that can manage 6 women at 7:00am gets an A+ in my book! Sarah and her team did myself and my bridesmaids hair and makeup up for my wedding on June 2nd. She showed up early, so professional and prepared! She was a joy to work with from the very beginning! I was a little indecisive and Sarah made it so easy and came to my house TWICE for hair trials. When the bridal party arrived at the wedding venue our photographer was so shocked to see us there early. Sarah went way above and beyond for us and the photos speak for themselves!


Gina L.

The really amazing thing about Sarah is that she is willing to work to be exactly what you need her to be to achieve precisely the look you had in mind. From the moment she started doing my makeup (about 3 years ago), she was always willing to listen and create a completely tailored look for me. She has an outstanding ability to be able to achieve the look I want, to diminish the appearance of problem areas, and to highlight best features. I don’t know how she does it, but she is awesome!


Anna Y.

  Sarah always does such an excellent job. She’s professional, punctual, and she’s very talented at both makeup and handling the camera/filming. Overall, it is always a pleasure going to the studio and working with professionals like Sarah.

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