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Zenagen Evolve Treatment is a unisex shampoo-based hair therapy system that accelerates hair growth up to 40% and repairs dry, brittle and broken follicles from root to tip with five-minute treatments every other day. The healing properties of this all-natural formula enhance strength, shine and volume of hair damaged by excessive heat styling, coloring or chemical treatments.

Zenagen Accelerating Hair Treatment Shampoo- 6oz

SKU: 23090005
    • Helps strengthen damaged hair, increase the hair’s length and improve shine.
    • Helps undo the appearance of damage from heat styling, hair color or chemical treatments.
    • Creates an optimal scalp environment for maximum growth and length.
    • Promotes healthy hair growth and encourages hair to grow longer, faster.
    • Nutraceuticals increase the turnover rate of hair follicles allowing up to 40% faster growing hair.
    • The Anagen growth stage of the hair follicle is lengthened, while the Telogen shedding stage is shortened, resulting in more hair growing faster for a longer period of time and less hair shedding
    • Clients will have more visits to the salon for color touch ups and haircuts.
  • The two-part system features a shampoo treatment and conditioner. Apply the shampoo treatment to scalp and hair and allow it to penetrate for a full five minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Apply conditioner and leave on hair as desired. Rinse. Use the system 3 – 4 times per week for best results.

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